[adult swim]

My first couple of years at Cartoon Network were split between Cartoon and [as]. I was around 25—smack in the middle of the coveted 18 to 34 demo. It's nice to have your time devoted to your making content for a block of programming aimed directly at you.

adultswim.com Redesign

The first website redesign of my career was already underway when I joined Cartoon. I designed site sections matching the style and layouts established by the lead designer. I made content and promotions to fill out new templates.

Friday Night Fix

In 2005, the only night of the week [adult swim] wasn't on was Friday. The website stepped in to play some of the first online full episodes ever offered by Turner Broadcasting. I designed the logo(s)—notice the name change—and some of the supporting elements.

This was also some of my first exposure to information architecture and user experience design. Of course, we didn't call them that then. We just called it design.

Mobile Wallpapers

My first design tasks for any mobile device were these downloadable wallpapers. Do companies still make these things?