S&W Beans

“Nobody gives a hill of beans.” (How often do you think that showed up on a slide—in a manifesto or otherwise?)

S&W Beans boasts “Premium Quality Since 1896” right under their logo on every can. This work is all about showing you that the beans in our cans are the best you can buy.  

S&W Savory Sides

When beans are the only thing that you make, it’s a challenge to introduce a new product line that offers something more. 

S&W Savory Sides are great beans—just like everything else the brand produces—but you get a lot more in these cans. These photo illustrations for print and digital show that “everything for a perfect side is inside.”

2017 Brand Campaign

We used parodies to promote our premium beans—jewelry, luxury car, and fashion advertising clichés with big, sexy beans as product stand-ins.

Agency: BBDO Minneapolis
Role: CD / Art Director

AD: Chris Corum / Erin Slayton
CW: Dave Alm / Nick Tiso
CD: Chris Corum / Dave Alm
ECD: Noel Haan