One of the largest, weirdest projects in my time at Cartoon Network—a partnership with Lego called Mixels—we developed an original, immersive standalone web destination Mixels.com.

Mixels consists of on-air shorts, toys, as well as elements on CartoonNetwork.com and Lego.com, but the primary home for the animated world that supports the toys—only glimpsed at in the shorts—is the website.

Users are able to interact with the characters through animated characters, explore the world through mini-activities and games, and create mixes in a mixing activity that incorporates animation from the shorts and created specifically for the site.

Site Design

This was a huge project with multiple groups within Cartoon and LEGO, and the vendors and agencies we both hired all working together to produce a coherent campaign to the television, digital, and retail markets. The online components were my responsibility from whiteboard to final product.

There were several different design and creative elements that needed to carry through from the shorts, the mobile game, and the toys themselves. Weekly calls and monthly creative reviews kept the teams on the same track.

Multiple Phases

The original show and toy launch had three tribes. For the site, that meant three worlds with three interactive characters each—a home world, mini-activity, and game for each tribe. The site expanded with the toy line—three launches with three tribes in each.

Global Launch

Like most of my work at Cartoon, the designs created in the U.S. are translated into many different languages and reused around the world.

That is how you say "Electroids" in Arabic.

Mobile Game

We didn't sell ads on the online destination. The big money maker for Cartoon—aside from our share in the toy line—was a large mobile game.

Like the rest of the campaign, Calling All Mixels had multiple launches. The game had updates with new characters and worlds to follow the toys and shorts. I directed the promotion for the initial launch and each of the updates.

Creative Direction

In addition to concept, design and animation, and art direction, I led the creative team for the digital group—meeting with other network creative teams and guiding the vendor components.

I directed the animation of the Mixels from each tribe, the Mixes, Maxes, and Murps they make when they combine, and the worlds where they live. I also directed the graphics and game design of the mini-activity and game for each world. To keep the scale in check, we developed the mini-activities in house. The games were skinned and modified versions of other games already on CartoonNetwork.com.

Agency: Cartoon Network
Role: CD / Art Director / Designer

AD: Chris Corum
CW: Kevin Barry / Alan Moore
GD: Chris Corum / Luis Romo
DD: Fassy Veith
CD: Chris Corum / Michael Ouweleen