Hormel Natural Choice

It started with a bad brief: natural lunchmeat tastes better.

Describing how something tastes is an ordeal. It’s why wine menus sound so ridiculous. “Tastes better” as a brief in food advertising usually means the clients want a nice bite and smile (“Mmmm”).

We decided to embrace the weird.

(PW: Ham?)

The idea is brought to life through our spokeswoman and hostess, Judy Greer throwing a “sandwich tasting,” with plenty of opportunities to poke fun at the fussy language and mannerisms of wine connoisseurs, while highlighting a “flight” of tiny, tasty looking sandwiches.

The last spot in the Make the Natural Choice campaign for Hormel Natural Choice—and the first made for broadcast instead of digital video. 

Agency: BBDO Minneapolis
Role: Art Director

AD: Chris Corum
CW: Dave Alm
ECD: Noel Haan