“Take care of your heart for the ones who have yours.”

The strategy: help people to “find their why” with Cheerios. Why do you want to keep your heart healthy? For more time with the people most important to you.

That’s the boring nuts and bolts of the strategy. The juicy brief was them asking, “Can we do something emotional with this?”


I’ve worked with BBDO MW on various General Mills projects for years. It’s been a while since we’ve worked on something like this. 

Example past creative elements

General Mills brands usually aim for bright, light, cute, and funny in their spots. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s breakfast cereal, after all. But although we have a good time making these types of spots for them, it’s always great to get to do something different.

Cheerios is the biggest brand in their portfolio, and the annual heart-healthy promotion is a major campaign.

They’ve changed the shapes of the Os into hearts for years. This year they went further, printing a range of relationships on the boxes—over 30 names in English and Spanish.

The Spot

We wrote a series of scripts, working with the clients to find scenes featuring unique relationships and their accompanying boxes. Cheerios are key to each moment, and the boxes reinforce the emotional connections between the characters.

Because Cheerios isn’t just a big brand, it’s a part of everyone’s lives. 

We finessed scripts to develop each scene with a hugely talented—and fantastic partner—director Yael Staav, focusing on the ups and downs of family moments: the rough patches, dramatic moments, and real emotions mixed in with the lighter breakfast table imagery.

Lit and dressed more like film than a typical CPG commercial kitchen, we designed sets for each different family to bring texture and realism. Shot in Toronto with DP Daniel Grant, this is some of the best-looking footage of my career. 

Certainly the most cinematic and emotional limited-time promotion spot I’ve ever worked on.  

Agency: BBDO MW
Role: CD / Art Director

CD/AD: Chris Corum
CW: Molly Thompson
GCD: Tess Nyberg
CCO: Brock Davis