I'm a freelance creative director, art director, and graphic designer.

I like to make things. Coming up with ideas, drawing doodles, and making little movies—and all kinds of other stuff—is a pretty good way to earn a living.

I also like working with smart people to solve problems. Getting to use clients’ money to work with interesting, talented professionals (who are a lot cooler than me) is a nice perk. Earning lots of attention—for myself and those clients—by making something great is another added benefit.

I work with ad agencies and companies in Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, (and elsewhere) selling goods and services. Most recently it’s snacks, healthcare, and petroleum (sold separately).

Before that, I sold cartoons. 
I spent 10+ years in Atlanta, working for Cartoon Network. (No, I didn’t draw the cartoons.) I was a part of an internal agency working on content and promotions for the networks and shows. I had a hand in the launch of pretty much every show that launched on Cartoon from 2005 to 2015.

My work has been published in Communication Arts, Print, and HOW Design, and recognized by Little Black Book, AdFed, AIGA, PromaxBDA, and others.

Oh, an app I worked on won an Emmy. Apps can win those now, I guess.

What else?

Sometimes I make stuff without getting paid for it.

Some creative friends and I used to get together on Mondays to play collaborative drawing games. There may have been beer involved. Sometimes we turned sketches into screen prints, but usually they just ended up here.

I play in rock bands. I call it art rock, but my bandmates use descriptors that have more than one hyphen. You get the idea. I play the guitar.

Invoices (pandemic project)
lada (c. 2011–2013)
Choose Your Battles (c. 2007–2008)

I called my latest solo rock project “Invoices” because “non-billable hours” was a little on the nose.

I made a bunch of noisey, sometimes pretty, often complicated instrumental tracks with guitars in my basement and drums on my laptop. 

What else was I supposed to do without leaving the house for a year and a half?