AIGA Minnesota Design Camp

An annual retreat for designers, illustrators, art directors, educators, and other design enthusiasts—AIGA Minnesota's Design Camp is a thirty year tradition.

We Beasts Make Beauty

The theme for 2016 celebrated the spirit animals that attendees embrace and set free when they're put in the woods with a few hundred other like minded individuals. 

Each session opened with a video that distills the theme. The lights dim, the screen goes black, sounds of the woods act as a cue that camp is in session.

These played with the volume way up.


BBDO MPLS is an advertising agency, not a design firm. We approached the graphics and identity for Design Camp like we would any other client. That means ideas, human truths, and (of course) a manifesto.

Few of us had been to the event before, but we collected stories from those who had. We put ourselves in the minds of designers—people who even at work or among friends can rarely really be themselves. At camp, they are.

They are illustrators and typographers, art directors and UX specialists. Together, they create great things. And at camp—though they are all different—they are with their own kind.

This theme, typography, and imagery was the basis for all of the event graphics.

The Event

We designed many, many event materials.

(I think this stuff turned out great.)

Guide Book

The printed guide that told campers what to expect each day was a further opportunity to expand the conference's theme.

Agency: BBDO Minneapolis
Role: CD / Art Director / Designer

AD: Chris Corum
CW: David Mackereth
GD: Becky Eilers / Julie Ann James
CD: Chris Corum / Tim Brunelle
ECD: Noel Haan